How to keep your outdoor wood furniture looking like new

Proper maintenance of your wooden outdoor furniture will help keep it looking good over many years.  Wood is a natural product, so like all organic products when exposed to moisture and changes in temperature and humidity, it reacts in a number of different ways.  

With four simple steps you can keep your outdoor wooden furniture looking great for many years:

1.      Re-oil stained furniture every six months: Oiled furniture needs to be re-oiled every six months to keep them in optimum condition. The oil helps to prevent decay and fading, which can occur if exposed to harsh weather environments. Your local home and garden store will have many options from which to choose.

2.      Clean once a year: Painted and oiled wood furniture should also be cleaned once a year. Mix one tablespoon of bleach, five tablespoons of a gentle dishwashing liquid and a 3 litres of water, and softly rub the surface of your wood furniture with a soft bristle brush. Wash the solution from the furniture, and allow it to dry completely in the sun.

3.      Re-paint painted furniture every year: Just like your house weatherboards, your painted outdoor furniture will benefit and be protected by a lick of paint every year, especially if exposed to Australia's harsh climate. The new paint will not only make the furniture look fresh, it also re-protects the underlying wood.

4.      Cover or re-position: All woods are susceptible to rot and decay if left in damp, humid and shady areas for a long time. Wood that becomes saturated with rain water is more likely to warp and rot, so using waterproof protective covers when your furniture is not undercover will keep your wooden furniture in good shape. The bases of furniture legs are definitely the most susceptible when it comes to water damage. If wood furniture is kept on the grass, or on a surface that collects rain water, the legs can become saturated. Covering the bottoms of each furniture leg with rubberised material or small sections of cedar fencing material will help protect your furniture from rotting from the bottom up.

Properly maintaining your outdoor wood furniture can make it last for many years and maximise your investment. Outdoor wood furniture makes a charming addition to any backyard, deck, patio, or garden, and with care, it will continue to make a great impression for years to come.




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