To fold or not to fold?

Folding Adirondack chairs - a good idea or not? At The Porch we have flirted with the folding Adirondack chair like many other outdoor chair companies. After many design trials we have come to the conclusion that to make the chair fold comes with comfort and durability compromises. At least they do in the case of some we've seen sold at other outlets.

Many folding Adirondack chairs sold elsewhere are flat across the back rather than have the curve which we prefer for comfort. A curved back means that you can sit back in comfort without a cushion.

Folding Adirondack chairs are mostly made lighter so that they can be lifted easily. This can make them unstable.

The paint finish can also be an issue for folding chairs as the legs of the chair are rubbed against in the folding action.

Our Adirondack chairs have been designed to withstand the elements, so there is no need to bring them in 'under cover'. We use an acrylic paint similar to the paint on the outside of your house, with the same durability. The wood is a hardwood so not likely to split and warp. So, if you want a chair without compromises then the non-folding Adirondack chair is the right choice.

In the meantime, we will keep working on making a folding Adirondack chair that doesn't compromise design, comfort and durability.


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