Seven tips for planning your garden

1. Live with you current garden for a while. It is tempting to move into a place and start on changing things right away. Take some time to live in the property first.

2. Get a blueprint of the services that run into your property. Find out where the waterpipes and sewerage are laid. So when you start digging you will know what to expect.

3. Design the shape of your garden using a garden hose to define the edges and paths.

4. Australian gardens often have a lot of light. In an open area you can plan for taller trees to create shade and dim the bright light, but in confined areas you might want to perserve the light with shorter plants.

5. Take a look at where the healthiest weeds are growing, it can give you a clue as to where the best soil and drainage are.

6. Make a note of where you neighbours entertain. You can then plan your sitting spots as not right next to their entertainment areas, and where to plant some privacy screenings.

7. Get an old chair and try sitting in it in different places during the day. You may be a morning person and read the paper in the garden, so find the best spot for that.  When you find it, mark it on your plan. You might also find the perfect spot for your Adirondack chair!

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